Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobile accidents can be quite devastating occurrences to deal with. The chain of resultant effects, the physical injury and pain, the emotional trauma, and in fatal cases, the loss of a loved one can all make the period shortly after an automobile accident an extremely difficult one. There is, however, a silver lining to this dark, terrible cloud, and that silver lining is the fact that you can be compensated for all the trauma you go through during and after an accident.

If you or someone related to you has been involved in an automobile accident, it is very necessary for you to consult a qualified legal practitioner to ensure the protection of your fundamental rights. If you or someone dear to you has been physically injured in a crash, following laid-down procedures, you can make a claim to your personal insurance company for pre-determined accident benefits.


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In Ontario, automotive accident benefits include the receipt of accident benefits by affected drivers from their personal insurance companies based on previously agreed upon terms. All parties to the accident, including the driver, his passengers and even affected pedestrians are all entitled to make a claim for stipulated accident benefits if they are affected physically by a motor accident, notwithstanding whose fault the accident was. The team of legal experts in the field of automobile accidents at YS Law Firm possess years of practical, hands-on experience in handling litigation relating to accidents involving all kinds of vehicles. The following is a list of definite compensations you might be entitled to:

Income Replacement Benefits:

  • This compensation is given if you were previously working regularly at a lawful business before the occurrence of the accident. Under this benefit, you are eligible to receive up to $400 per week of your period of not being able to work as a direct consequence of the automobile accident. This benefit is calculated by 70% of your gross income starting a week after the accident, for the initial two years for which you are unable to work at your own job. If you are permanently unable to work thereafter as a result of extensive bodily injuries emanating from the accident, you are eligible to be paid till you clock 65 years of age, after which your stipulated payments would decrease till death. Optional benefits may, however, increase the amount you will be paid for income replacements based on a number of varying circumstances and pre-requested additional services.

Benefits for the Unemployed:

  • If you were not actually employed as at the time of the accident, and the crash left you incapable of carrying on a normal, active life as a result of extensive bodily damage, you may be entitled to non-earner benefits.

Student Benefit:

  •  If you were a student as at the time of your involvement in the accident, and you are left incapable of carrying on with your education as a result, you may be reimbursed for expenses such as lost tuition, books, allocated room and board, and so on, which were acquired before the occurrence of the accident.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits:

  •  This benefit caters for medical-related expenses incurred as a direct consequence of your involvement in the automobile accident. This benefit, however, covers expenses only not previously catered for by a standing health insurance plan.

Tort Claims (Not At Fault Claims):

  • Consequent to an automobile accident, one party is usually declared to be at fault by the insurance company. In Ontario, insurance companies use preset rules to determine exactly who is at fault in the case of the accident in question. These rules may vary according to the accident concerned. Tort claims cover financial compensation for after-effects like pain, suffering and travel.

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