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About YS Law Firm

YS Law Firm has been exclusively practicing personal injury law, bringing reprieve to numerous clients involved in several kinds of accidents and challenging situations and building a reputation that has successfully stood the test of time.

At YS Law Firm, we understand that our clients need all the help and support they can get all through the trying periods they spend transacting business with us. That is why we do not compromise the quality of our legal services, and why we have been in constant pursuit of justice and fairness for marginalized and ill-treated individuals, injured persons and people who have suffered ranging degrees of losses.

We Go Above And Beyond To Meet Your Expectations

Success Record

We have settled cases both in court and out of court. In situations where the opposing party chooses to settle out of court, we serve as excellent mediators in helping you get exactly what you deserve. Nobody deserves to go through pain and still get cheated of their constitutional rights, and fairness is one of the pillars on which YS Law is built.

Answering Calls On Time

We assure you that you can rely on us and repose your trust and confidence in us as we professionally and painstakingly represent you in all types of your personal injury cases. We overlook nothing when presenting our cases, we always get our facts right, and we have the necessary experience to be able to tell you point-blank: “We will get you the justice you deserve.”


If you or someone known to you has a personal injury case at hand and is need of representation, be sure to contact YS Law Firm today and schedule your FIRST FREE INITIAL PHONE CONSULTATION with our legal experts. We would not collect a dime from you until your case is won, and we would like you to remember that a transaction with us, is a promise of quality.


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