Class Action Cases

In usually devastatingly gruesome occurrences, a considerably large number of people may be affected by an accident occurring as a direct consequence of the actions or inactions of a person, an agency or a corporate organization. These kinds of accidents might leave the victims in serious physical pain and emotional trauma, and may leave behind unsavory after-effects these victims may have to deal with for a very long time.


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A class action lawsuit is brought by an individual whose case represents all the cases of the members of a class who have a right of action. In these kinds of cases, it is usually inefficient and extremely time-consuming for each affected victim to sue the organization or individual at fault personally for their loss, it, therefore, makes things easier for all the victims united by the common factor of the accident or loss to initiate a class action case.

The Court must approve a class action case, and most times, the case is actually overseen by the Court. To ensure adequate compensation and deserved attention, make sure to retain the services of the seasoned legal experts at YS Law Firm.

Case Example:

For instance, a group of passengers, 12 in total boarded a bus belonging to a private transport company. According to the initial terms of the agreement, the bus is supposed to convey the passengers straight from the point of pick-up to their destination. Along the way, the driver suddenly deviates from the travel plan and drives the passengers to an unknown destination, forces them off the bus and drives off, leaving them at the mercy of the elements and opportunistic miscreants.

The passengers remain stranded for hours on a lonely interstate road before the police eventually come to their rescue when a kind-hearted Samaritan stops after hearing their pleas for help. Other drivers have driven past, none willing to lend a helping hand.

Eventually, the passengers are helped out of their predicament, but they are severely.hurt and traumatized by the experience, and the rogue driver has carted away some of their property.

Normally, every passenger on that bus has the right to sue the transport company for breaching the terms of the agreement to which they consented to (i.e to convey the passengers to their destination for an agreed fee). However, instead of all the passengers furiously dragging the transport company to court by hiring different lawyers and presenting different individual cases, it would be more convenient for the passengers and the legal system to present a single Class action case, demanding for compensation for the breach of the agreement and the loss of the passengers’ property. In most class action cases, a single law firm represents the aggrieved parties and tries to help get justice for all concerned. Some class action cases may involve a considerable number of aggrieved parties, and multiple prosecuting counsels may work together to help get justice for the aggrieved and to help bring the criminal (if any) to justice.

The total compensation to be paid by a defendant if convicted in a class action case may actually run into millions of dollars. It is therefore essential for the aggrieved parties to be represented by extremely qualified and experienced legal professionals like the team at YS Law Firm with experience in legal representation.

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